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The "War on Obesity" is having a lot of casualties.  The "Health at Every Size®" concept is a paradigm shift in the way we encourage improvement in health.  It is promoting healthy behavior without regard to size.  Weight has an undeniable strong genetic component.  There are a lot of thin people who are not following healthy behavior and large people who are following healthy behavior.  Studies have shown that health is much more strongly correlated to healthy behavior than weight.  Focusing on weight, BMI or waist circumference alone often leads to false assumptions, judgement and discrimination.   Setting a goal for weight loss often leads to frustration, weight cycling, and is very demotivating.  Setting goals for healthy behavior without regard to weight is much more productive. 

TEDMed talk by Dr. Peter Attia:








HAES (R) principles here

Ragen Chastain quote regarding Health here

http://link.kplr11.com/1FNkGyy  link to Pulse of St. Louis
For talking points from "The Pulse of St. Louis" click here
For summary of talking points click here
web site resources click here
For Healthy Weight Tips (what does following healthy behavior mean?) click here

Meta analysis showing obesity paradox in people with diabetes click here

Obesity paradox in CHF, renal disease, coronary artery disease, diabetes and heart disease, pre-diabetes

Fitness vs Fatness meta analysis click here

Flegal study showing death rate versus weight (overweight and class 1 obese live longer than normal weight) click here

Ex of financial support for organizations such as Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Formerly American Dietetic Association "ADA") click here

How dieting causes obesity click here  or here

Federal trade commission asks media to do a "gut check" (To decrease false information) click here  FTC letter to media click here

Look Ahead Trial (10 year multicenter randomized clinical propective study with over 5000 participants) showing first of all, even with every effort with multiple diets and medications/techniques there was only about 3-4% difference in weight (so sustainable weight loss more than 5% is unlikely) but secondly, weight loss did NOT improve any health measure or death rate click here

Stress/stigma from weight increases cortisol that leads to increased insulin resistance leading to increased weight click here

"Reversal" of diabetes means decreasing need for insulin enough that the body can produce as much as it needs to meet demand.  Decreasing the need for insulin really does not "cure" diabetes or "reverse" it.  It treats it, which is good and can delay the need for medication.  But as you age you need more insulin and can produce less...so even if blood sugars improve with healthy behavior, sugar can rise again as you age.  Claims are made that you can "reverse" diabetes with bariatric surgery, weight loss......  But this study shows that it is the decrease in calories that makes you need less insulin NOT the weight loss OR the surgery. click here

Study showing that the Health at Every Size (R) is more effective at improving health than traditional weight loss plans click here  or here  or http://www.hindawi.com/journals/jobe/2014/983495/

Weight loss by liposuction does not improve health click here

NAAFA guidelines for healthcare providers here


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