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Upcoming Live Seminars:
    The Ultimate One Day Diabetes Course (6.5 CE hours 8am-4pm) For more info go to www.pesihealthcare.com 
        2/25/15 Fairfax, VA
        2/26/15 Silver Spring, MD
        2/27/15 Ellicott City, MD

        3/25/15 Altoona, PA
        3/26/15 Monroeville, PA
        3/27/15 Pittsburgh, PA

        4/8/15  Cheyenne, WY
        4/9/15  Boulder, CO
        4/10/15  Denver, CO

        4/23/15  Kennewick, WA
        4/24/15  Bellevue, WA
        4/25/15  Seattle, WA
        5/7/15  Glendale, CA
        5/8/15  Anaheim, CA
        5/9/15  San Diego, CA

        9/21/15  Columbia, MO
        9/22/15  St. Louis, MO
        9/23/15  Springfield, MO

        10/7/15 South Burlington VA
        10/8/15 Manchester, NH
        10/9/15 Portland, ME

         12/1/15 Anaheim, CA
         12/3/15 Honolulu, HI

          3/3/16 Cheyenne, WY
          3/4/16 Denver, CO

Recorded Webinar through AADE:  For more info go to www.diabeteseducator.org  
    Eat Less, Exercise More...Sounds Easy, So Why is it so Hard??  2/19/14         

Pre-Recorded CE hours available though PESI:

http://pesihealthcare.com/ECommerce/ItemDetails.aspx?ResourceCode=RNV012470    DVD:  The Ultimate One Day Diabetes Course 

http://pesihealthcare.com/ECommerce/ItemDetails.aspx?ResourceCode=ZDK074800   Webinar on CD:  Diabetes in Control: Matching Carbohydrate to Insulin

http://pesihealthcare.com/ECommerce/ItemDetails.aspx?ResourceCode=ZDK074905  Webinar on CD:  Diabetes...Which Med When:  An Interactive Case Study Approach
http://pesihealthcare.com/ECommerce/ItemDetails.aspx?ResourceCode=ZDK073465-01 Webinar on CD:  Eat Less, Exercise More: Sounds Easy so WHy is it So Hard?

http://pesihealthcare.com/ECommerce/ItemDetails.aspx?ResourceCode=ZDK074030  Webinar on CD:  Optimizing Insulin and Other Injectable Medications for Diabetes.


http://pesihealthcare.com/ECommerce/ItemDetails.aspx?ResourceCode=DIS073920    Webinar on CD:  Oral Medications for Optimal Treatment of  Diabetes: When Lifestyle Changes are not Enough




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