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Welcome to "Show Me" Diabetes:
Contact:  laurie@showmediabetes.com

This web site is designed to be a resource for:

1)  Anyone interested in the treatment
     of diabetes especially things specific
     to the "Show Me" State (Missouri)
     (Diabetes Resources: page 2)
2)  Anyone interested in the 
     Health at Every Size ® Concept
     (Healthy weight: page 3)
For resources related to "The Pulse of St. Louis" with Shirley Washington seen on
KPLR-11 March 14, 2015 click on page 3
   Anyone interested in registering 
 "The Ultimate One Day Diabetes  
     Course" for professionals 
     or purchasing pre-recorded
     diabetes/weight management related 
     continuing education for professionals
     (Speaking Engagements: page 4)
4)  Information about pets with diabetes
     (Pet Diabetes:  page 5)
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